Biography DERENZO

Name: Derenzo Sumter

Gender: Male

Birth date: July 16, 1983

Birth place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Birth name: Derenzo Loyd Sumter

Height: 5’ 5’’

Nationality: Dutch

Occupation: Singer

Genres: Urban, pop

Styles: Teen pop, dance-pop

Derenzo always dreamed of becoming a great star since he was a little boy.

It didn’t matter what kind of star, but singing has always been his no. 1 hobby.

His passion has been so fierce he used to sing from day to night, in the bathroom, at dinnertime but especially in the kitchen (his most favourite place to sing). The teachers used to throw him out of the class because he wouldn’t listen, instead found it more interesting to sing during his lessons.

It could be said that music had a bad influence on his schoolwork.

Derenzo decided to make a career out of his hobby at the age of fourteen and started practicing harder and harder, spending more time on his voice and then even began writing his own songs.

He found a group to perform with as he liked the company but also found the idea of performing solo very daunting. Unfortunately it didn’t work out between him and the groups so he was forced to go solo. He performed on many stages in Holland and took part in many auditions and talent shows.

Derenzo tried many sports without even knowing that it was the microphone he was searching for. One of his brothers opened his eyes and told him that it was the music that made him smile and feel good. Since then he has become one with the music.

Derenzo Sumter is an artist who has created his own unique style because of his diverse musical background and he only hopes that the people out there will like it.

His wish for the future is to become a successful artist and to hear the eternal screaming of his fans forever.

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