R.I.P. Jeff Joseph

Jeff Joseph of Grammacks New Generation has died after undergoing surgery in Le Maynard hospital in Martinique, for kidney problems.
DJ Jokam, a french born diskjockey confirmed this on DBS Radio moments ago. Reports from Martinique surfaced on Tuesday that “Jeff Jo” had to be treated for heart problems. Friends and musicians close to him confirmed this.
Jeff Jo is known for undertaking marketing campaigns in Martinique and Guadeloupe for the World Creole Music Festival and has been named Dominica’s Goodwill ambassador.
His Grammacks New Generation, known for cadence-lypso music, performed at the first World Creole Music Festival in Dominica.
Jo also performed on night one of the 15th edition of the festival this year. Jeff Joseph was born in the village of St. Joseph and his musical career began around 1972 in Guadeloupe. From that base, he has toured the world with a focus on the Antilles, New York, Paris and of course Dominica.
Many of his classic recordings were done in the legendary Debs Studio in Martinique and he had added various Caribbean styles to his musical identity. Not only was Jeff a lead member of the original Gramacks, the follow up Gramacks International, but he was also a founding member of the Antillean group Volt Face along with Georges Decimus.

C’est l’inquiétude autour de l’état de santé de Jeff Joseph. Le chanteur du groupe Volt Face (et de la formation The Grammacks à ses débuts) a frôlé la mort ce matin. Il a été victime d’un malaise cardiaque alors qu’il était en Martinique. L’information a été annoncée par la chaîne France O. Jeff Joseph a été hospitalisé sur l’île. Son état serait stable mais inquiétant. Il devrait subir une opération dans les prochains jours.


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